Our team

Our team consists of graduate accountants and economists ready to meet any requirement of your business.

Your team

Since 1998, the union offers idealized audit, tax and consulting services throughout Greece. We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals specializing in management and financial planning. In addition to our in-house team, we work with lawyers and banking advisors who provide us with advanced departments for further information. We believe that our interdisciplinary approach adds a broader perspective to everything we do and allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Specialized in success

Based on a team, management, partners and employees, we all share the same philosophy, the same mission and the same values, in order to provide tailor made solutions focused on the result based on the uniqueness of the needs of each of our customers. Together, we ensure that you invest where the best returns are located, while building trust at every point of contact.

Investing to the best

We are constantly investing in our staff, in continuous training, in refinement, identifying new strategies, in order to ultimately seek success in all areas. Our mission is to be responsible, to be committed to success, to execute and to constantly exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our relationship to you

Client communication is important because it establishes and maintains trust between us. That’s why we’re always available to take the time to discuss with you, ensuring a tailor made service for everyone we work with. We have built great relationships over the years and look forward to continuing with new ones in the future.